Establishing Easy Plans In Commercial Loan Programs

Citizens Commercial Banking provided a $90 million financing package for the acquisition of two vacant buildings at 5 and 6 Necco Way. GE purchased a parking lot owned by Procter & Gamble where it will construct a new 12-story office building. GE will start rehabilitating the Necco Way buildings immediately after leasing them from new owner MassDevelopment, said Ann Klee, vice president of Boston Development and Operations for GE, in a statement. The Boston Planning and Development Agency last month approved GEs new $200-million headquarters, including a new 12-story, 293,300-square-foot office building topped with a solar veil and connected to the Necco Court buildings by a pedestrian bridge. GE will widen the Boston Harborwalk alongside the property, and the complex will include a cafe, restaurant, makerspace, GE Brilliant Career Lab and a GE experience center. GEs decision to move its headquarters here has been a great boost to the city of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and our partnership with MassDevelopment is a testament to Citizens ability to deploy its expertise and lending power in a highly strategic way, Jerry Sargent, president of Citizens Bank, Massachusetts, said in a statement. Citizens is very pleased to have been chosen as the strategic and financial partner on this historic transaction. GE opened how to apply for a small business loan its 60,430-square-foot temporary headquarters in August at 33-41 Farnsworth St. in Fort Point after leaving its 68-acre property in Fairfield, Connecticut, which it sold to Sacred Heart University for $31.5 million in November. Related articles:

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