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Woman finds wedding ring in present for hubby | New York Post

and I thought he had just found his. But when I looked closely and saw the inscription, I knew he was telling the truth. Jean Vlahopouliotis, 39, had bought the $158, Size 38 Seven for All Mankind bluejeans online from Neiman Marcus, and they arrived on Dec. 29. Chris Vlahopouliotis, 46, tried them on right away and discovered the ring in the front left pocket. He was trying to get a feel for them when he reached his hand in the pocket and pulled out a mans wedding band, Jean Vlahopouliotis recalled, saying it was either made of white gold or sterling silver. I got butterflies in my stomach because I know the feeling of losing a ring, she said. I lost my engagement ring a year and a half ago, and my husband lost his band about two years ago. Thats why I immediately contacted Neiman Marcus. With help from the retailer, Jean Vlahopouliotis tracked the jeans back to a store at the Tysons Galleria shopping mall in McLean, Va.


The Gold Of Highest Purity Grading Is 24 Kt, Which Means That It's 99.99% Pure Gold.

There was a time when many empires and nations have fought wars just for this shiny piece of metal. The prices of gold and silver have continuously been on the growth path with both recently peaking at their best prices ever. Gold has always outperformed and outlasted paper currency. It is important to be a good judge of the diamond quality before buying a ring. Some coins contain 91.7% 22 karat gold and the remaining alloy, while others are 99.99% 24 karats pure. Tax-free mutual funds might sound appealing but there are certain points to know before investing in them.

It Is Best Not To Go Ahead With The Purchase Of A Gold Jewelry Item, That Has Absolutely No Markings On It.

Get a love quote engraved on the ring and customize the ring to make it even more special for her. This decision will dictate the amount of investment, type of coins and their value, and the returns on it. With its shining yellow colon, gold is one of the most sought-after metals around the world. Financial assets include the liquid assets of a business and the company shares and bonds. Evaluate your immediate financial priorities, the size of your current savings and decide what combination of investments, will be ideally suited for your financial goals that you wish to achieve in the immediate future. Here are some options: One of the most trusted dealers, this is a good option for those intending towards purchasing bullion in any form. Coins will usually get a higher price premium. With the gold price appreciating substantially, there are opportunities for making profits, like never before.

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